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Xin chúc mừng cho bạn Đối với cam kết Yourself to Order Chinh phục Panic tấn công E-book!

Nó rất hữu ích và quan trọng là bạn biết này Trước khi Bạn Download E-book!

Nếu bạn muốn kết quả tốt nhất Từ Chinh phục Panic tấn công E-book …

Bạn có nhiều khả năng bị thất vọng, đau đớn, hoặc cảm thấy lo lắng liên tục và căng thẳng Khi bạn không thể có hiệu quả đối phó với cuộc tấn công Panic của bạn Mặc dù mọi nỗ lực của bạn?

Dưới đây là một video, dễ dàng cho bạn:

Các phương pháp đột phá loại bỏ Panic Attacks Như đã thảo luận trong việc chinh phục Panic Attacks E-book … Vì vậy mà bạn có thể đẩy nhanh Nghị quyết và kết thúc đau khổ của bạn!

Đây có phải là một lời đề nghị một lần!

Giá tour bao gồm âm thanh Recordings của cả hai kỹ thuật thư giãn Đào tạo đề cập trong E-book, PLUS Worksheets để đi cùng với các chiến lược khác nhau để bạn có thể làm việc với họ một cách hiệu quả!

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học


RE: Chinh phục Panic Attacks của bạn

Từ: Douglas Kông

Bạn thân,

Trước hết, tôi muốn chúc mừng bạn một lần nữa cho mua ebook. Bạn đã thực hiện bước đầu tiên quan trọng nhất để cuối cùng chinh phục Panic Attacks trong cuộc sống của bạn.

Giống như tôi đã nói, Panic Attacks là pre-eminently thể điều trị được và hoàn toàn có thể chữa được, nhưng tại sao những người như bạn vẫn bị tấn công Panic?

Câu trả lời rất đơn giản; họ hoặc là không biết nó là hoàn toàn có thể điều trị và chữa được, hoặc thậm chí nếu họ biết, họ không làm cho các nỗ lực của việc áp dụng những gì họ biết.

Vâng, tôi có thể thấy điều này tại nơi làm việc ở những bệnh nhân của tôi.

One of my patients complained: It takes too much effort to learn the techniques, practice it every day and then to use it to control his panic attacks.

He said this to me: it’s so much simpler to use medication. When the panic attack comes, I just pop a pill into my mouth, I do not have to do anything more.

In some ways, I agree, but he will spend a lifetime paying for medical consultation and medication.

He made a choice.

I sincerely hope you will not make that choice.

Do you want to permanently cure your panic attacks with the most powerful panic attack cure strategies ever developed?

If yes, then you’re in for a real deal.

You see, over the past years, I have come to understand that so many people buy and read ebooks like Conquering Panic Attack without actually being able to apply the strategies.

These people get frustrated and go ahead to buy other e-books. But the same thing happens to them again. They may not read the e-book to start with (most unfortunately don’t), and even if they do, they have a problem applying the instructions therein.

When I realize this, I decided I should do a workbook. An instructional manual that will tell you in detail all the practical action. Then I realize, like any other book, it may be left unread as well.

So I decide to create this video course, as many can listen and watch a video and learn from it then read a book and follow it.

That was how this video course comes to be created. In this video package, I will walk you through the whole steps and strategies of eliminating panic attacks with the conquering panic attack e-book.

Even if you do read the ebook, the video package will reinforce your learning and give you another perspective to the various techniques and strategies that will help you Conquer Panic Attack.

Strategies and techniques that work not with one, but with many patients of mine.

This video package comes with audio recordings of both the relaxation training techniques mentioned in the e-book and worksheets to accompany the various strategies so that anyone can work with them effectively.

So instead of getting frustrated from pouring over the streams of advice, guidance, tips and practical lessons in the e-book which may be very tough to understand and follow, with the video, all these practical stuff will be easier to grasp, and with the worksheets in hand, much easier to follow.

This is the best way I know that you can finally END your panic attacks once and for all. Effectively.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m giving you access to this five part video course package so that you will be ready to purge panic attacks from your life.


Conquering Panic Attacks

Conquering Panic Attack Video Course Program is a step-by-step 5-part video course to help you get a lasting relief from panic attacks by allowing you to double or even triple the results you will get from using Conquering Panic Attacks e-book.

The power of this course comes from its comprehensiveness, easy to understand and straight to the point nature.

In the video course, I give much more specific details about the techniques discussed in conquering panic attacks e-book. PLUS very specific instructions and worksheets for you to use and apply so that you can get rid of panic attacks

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học

Here’s What Is Included In The Package

1: Conquering Panic Attack Video Course (Value $597/-)

2: Audio recordings of both the relaxation training techniques mentioned in the e-book (Value: $79.00)

3: All worksheets to accompany the various assignments with each of the 5 modules so that you can work with them effectively (Value: $79.00)

4: Unlimited email access to me at all times so you can ask me questions whenever you are confused (Value: $297.00)

5: All future updates of my e-book and video course so you won’t have to purchase any other panic attack product in your life again (Value: $297.00)

This How You Will Benefits From Conquering Panic Attacks Video.

Module 1: Preparing to face panic attacks

• Understanding what panic attacks are all about

• Using neuroscience to understand panic

• 2 techniques of relaxation are introduce for practice

Module 2: Confronting panic attacks

• Step by step guide to control a panic attack

• Psychological techniques to control panic

• Use of self-statements to reinstate control

Module 3: Confronting negative thoughts

• Relationship between negative thoughts and panic

• Understanding negative thoughts

• Overcoming negative thoughts

Module 4: Physical symptoms of panic

• Medical aspects of panic, why proper diagnosis is important

• Medications used in panic, how they act in the brain and side effects,

• How to use them effectively and how to avoid side effects

• How to effectively collaborate with your physician

Module 5: Putting it together

• Why panic attacks keep coming

• Stress and panic attack

• Working at risk factors such as past trauma, fears and limiting beliefs

• Preventing future panic attacks

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học

“What Makes The Conquering Panic Attack Video Course Different From E-books And Other Similar Courses?”

WHY you need this video course after buying the e-book? 5 things that make this essential for stopping your panic attacks…

#1: It is practical: It is the many practical aspects in the video course that make it invaluable. And you need it to understand what is in the e-book you just purchased.

#2: It is like having someone teach you face-to-face: This video course will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through my unique techniques to completely eliminate your panic attacks, almost effortlessly.

#3: It simplifies the techniques in the e-book and makes them easy to understand and use: This video course gives much more details about the techniques discussed in conquering panic attacks e-book in an easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement form.

#4: It’s created by an expert in the field: This course was actually written from many years of experience of treating panic attack sufferers. And best of all, the techniques WORK!

#5: It provides excellent information on the various medications so that you can use their medication intelligently and learn to interact with your physician so that you will ultimately benefit. Without this video course, you may encounter very unpleasant side effects of panic attacks medication, including sleepiness, fogginess, and un-coordination, depression and suicidal thoughts and feelings, emotional blunting or numbness, Mania, Hostility and rage, Aggressive or impulsive behaviour, Hallucinations, impaired thinking and judgment, Memory loss, forgetfulness etc.

Is There Real Proof Showing That This Video Course Is Actually Valuable and Essential To conquering Panic Attacks?

Yes, absolutely!

I’ve got many real success stories, fascinating testimonials, and more. But I obviously can’t list them all here.

Here are just a few sample testimonials for you…

  • Wanda C

    These are practical and useful tips on how to calm down in order to control a panic attack once it starts. The coherence breathing technique that Dr. Kong used has been especially helpful placing one in a calm state of being.


  • Marc D

    I can not imagine what my life would be like in the present days if I didn’t see Doctor Kong,with Doctor Kong’s guidance I was able to accept my business fate calmly, and I managed to keep my family together,


  • Pearlyn K.

    We worked on mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Under Dr Kong’s guidance, we confronted my fears and anxiety through exposure therapy where I was to imagine real-life scenarios which frightened me. Gradually, I learnt to cope more effectively with these fears. These techniques were simple enough for me to practise myself at home, or anywhere


  • MSeng

    This video course is a masterpiece in simplicity, easy to understand but Douglas does not over-simplify problems. People do have problems – be it panic attacks and stress — and these can be serious and breakdown normal living or in the worst cases destroy lives Often we think that Big Problems require Big Solutions. Or Complex Problems require Complex Remedies. Douglas shows that this is not necessarily the case. The remedies and solutions can be elegantly simple – but they take work on our part to “de-programme” ourselves


“How Much Is Conquering Panic Attacks Video Course Worth?”

It’s hard to put a value on a video course that can completely change your life for the better.

As you know, the cost of medications for panic attacks can add up quickly. Combine that with therapy visits that can easily be more than $100 PER therapy visit. Heck, even refills on your medications can cost around $50-$75 per medication refill!

I know this because I have personally met patients who spend $5,000-$8,000 on years of medications, therapy visits, and other types of treatments. And I’m guessing, you have easily spent at least several hundred if not thousand yourself at this point.

That is why I’ve made this course available to you at not at $500, not at $200, but a low price of $97.00 so that don’t need to break the bank to purge panic attacks from your life.

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học

Aren’t You Tired Of suffering?

The reason you bought conquering panic attacks e-book is because you want to completely get rid of panic attacks. That’s why you should get this video course now, because you want to really stop panic attacks forever and it is the key to achieving that.

The Bottom Line Is: “What You Need To Become Panic Attack Free Is Finally Here!”

But the clock is ticking… I can’t promise this offer will be around forever. And if you close this page without taking action, you cannot access it again because it is a one-time-offer.

The ultimate choice is up to you. You can leave this page and go with only the e-book, or you can add this video to the e-book and have the complete package you need to become panic attacks free.

I would say that someone that actually buys this video in addition to the e-book, can start to see significant results within a few weeks from now unlike those that buy only the e-book and become frustrated later.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

I stand so much behind the information in Conquering Panic Attacks video course. And that’s why I back it up with a solid guarantee.

I don’t expect you to be skeptical; there are a lot of panic attack info products out there that promise you the world and end up giving you nothing.

But mine is different. So I’m confident to back it up with this solid guarantee:


If you’re not completely happy with the video course for any reason at all,

then I insist that you ask for a refund.


But I do know, that if you do apply the strategies in this video course in your life…you will see a change. And it will be sooner rather than later.

In fact, it is nearly impossible for Conquering Panic Attacks NOT to work for you if you do what it tells you. It really is as simple as that.

With this satisfaction guarantee, it is a WIN-WIN opportunity for you…

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học

Lastly, I Challenge You To Let This Amazing Video Course Help You Conquer Your Panic Attacks…

Without this video course, you could spend a lot of time pouring over the e-book without understanding it. You could be endlessly testing and trying the different techniques in the e-book and still be more frustrated for not being able to achieve the results you want.

So iif you’re serious enough about conquering your panic attacks, then go ahead and get this video course now.

And the cost of this video course is cheaper than a consultation with a private psychiatrist, and certainly cheaper than the cost of medication if you have to pay for it as well.

I’m sure that you will hate yourself if you miss out on this powerful video package.

I look forward to hearing your personal success story. To your panic attack free life,

Dr Douglas Kong

P.S – If you are ready to finally END your panic attacks, then Conquering Panic Attacks Video Course will give you the knowledge you need. I’ve personally made this course EASY TO USE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND and affordable for everyone!

P.P.S – Your satisfaction is backed by my 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Conquering Panic Attacks Video Course, please let me know within 30-days and I’ll gladly refund your entire investment.

Chinh phục Panic Attacks Mã số khóa học

No Thanks Douglas, I Am Not Interested In This One-Time Offer And Its Powerful Free Bonuses – Please Send Me To The Download Page So I Can Download The “Conquering Panic Attack” eBook. I Understand That This Offer Which Is Guaranteed To Help Me Triple The Result I Will Get From Using The e-Book Will Not Be Presented To Me Again And I Am OK With That.